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DIY Handmade exquisite Ribbon Bow Headband


A beautiful Bow Headband hand making graphic tutorials, heart-shaped petals in the bow on both sides of the decoration, as if beautiful butterfly is flowers dancing ~ such modelling is novel and beautiful barrette hair ornaments, the girls do not miss Oh!

Material tools ready: red ribbon and blank hair hoop, candles, glue gun, scissors, Pearl (optional). First cut the ribbon into a piece of the heart; and then use candles slightly baking heart-shaped edge, remove the thread; then with a hot glue gun will heart-shaped paste it into blank hair hoop on; finally will be the making of ribbon bow also paste up is complete, the method for making bows can see [here]. If you feel good-looking enough can also be in the bow center decoration on a pearl.

Very simple manual hair small production, there is not much technical content, as long as the clipping, pasting, and a little sewing live can easily calm. The specific band DIY step, please refer to the following detailed graphic tutorials, you try it together.

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