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How to dye ribbon


The ribbon can be used as a kind of clothing and accessories, as well as a kind of textile.There are two main methods for the colouring of the ribbon, one is the most widely used dyeing (conventional staining), which is mainly treated with the weaving belt in a chemical dye solution.Another method is to use paint, which can be made into small, insoluble colored particles that are attached to the fabric. (the raw liquid of fiber is not included in this column).It is a perfect partner for many garments and bags. It is a very high technology to make such a beautiful ribbon..ect, let's talk about how the ribbon should be dyed.


Ribbon dyeing process

Dyeing process with material determination:

1. Polyester

Polyester fiber characteristics (density) -- thermosol dyeing, high temperature high pressure dyeing method, chooses the dye, disperse dye, temperature - around 190 degrees Celsius (thermosol dyeing) method (high temperature high pressure dyeing) around 130 degrees Celsius

2. Nylon

Nylon fiber characteristics (reactive functional groups) - steam - steaming process - selected dyes - (weak) acid dyes - temperature - about 100 degrees Celsius.

3. Cotton products (cellulose fiber)

Dyeing process of technological process

1. Dacron fibre

Into the belt - water - before drying, coloring trough, preliminary drying (infrared), high temperature baking, after washing cleaning (reduction), after drying, belt

The effect of infrared prebake: the dye molecules are initially attached to the fiber, preventing the appearance of color flowers and other problems.


The effect of high temperature baking: make the dye molecules fully enter into the fiber and finish the dyeing process.

The function of reducing cleaning: to decompose the extra dye molecules to ensure the color fastness of the product.

2. Nylon fibre

In the belt -- the upper color slot -- the hot steam is steaming -- then the water is washed -- then dried -- falling

The effect of evaporation: to make the acidic dye molecules react with the corresponding functional groups in the fiber to complete the process of dyeing the fibers in the acid dyes.

Washing effect: remove the dye molecules that do not react completely, guarantee the color fastness of ribbon, ribbon and other products.

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