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How to identify the quality of ribbon


The quality of the ribbon is very important to the customer. How to identify the quality of the ribbon?With the experience of years of trading ribbon, we have summarized some small ways to identify the quality of woven ribbon.


First of all, there is no pollution, no dust, oil, stains, etc.


Chromatic aberration: observe the surface of ribbon have no two tone colour.color, grain path, the stitched edge can't disorderly.


skipping stitch:A good ribbon cannot stitch,We can find out the quality from the surface of ribbon


deckle edge:The surface of the ribbon does not have a serious bulb or edge that affects the belt


Thickness and width: the good products also has accurate thickness and width, and the tolerance of thickness can't exceed 0.25.The width is measured with a precise ruler, and the tolerance cannot exceed positive or negative 0.02.

Is it simple and practical?

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