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knowledge about nylon ribbon


Nowadays the ribbon is used in all aspect of our daily life,according to different materials can be divided into many kinds,Nylon ribbon is a common kind,I'd like to introduce the knowledge about nylon ribbon to you.

Generally nylon ribbon has a bright color, good hand feeling, whether it is dry or wet, its elasticity and abrasive resistance are good, not easy to shrink and easy to fold, easy to wash.At present, it is widely used in many fields, such as leisure fashion clothes, maternity , down jacket, sofa, gift wrap, decoration and so on. This kind of ribbon is the most common to be used.Not only the nylon ribbon is widely used, but also can print a lot of jacquard, carry on the softening processing, also can print different color, pattern according to the personalized demand of the customer.But it also has disadvantage that the light resistance is not so good that the color changes in the normal light, even has the smell of ammonia.As long as the product through the national relevant certification general quality of clothing or other items are no problem, both beautiful and comfortable and durable.

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