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Why the ribbons will mildew


1. Some of the ribbon in a plastic paddle, mucilage inside itself is rich in protein, starch, these have become a hotbed of mold, has joined in the mucilage ammonia before these, as well as other preservatives, these substances to join have anti-fungal effect, but due to the under the requirements of environmental protection in recent years, no longer add these products in the mucilage, so the mold is easy to breed;

2. When the ribbon is dyed, the former dyes have added toluene, which ACTS as anti-mildew and anti-corrosion, and also cannot be added in these products due to the environmental protection in recent years.

3. The structure of the ribbon itself loose, easy absorption moisture in the air, and weaves itself surface uneven characteristic is easy to stop dust, when the appropriate temperature and humidity to mold began to grow;

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