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Changsha Second Ring Will Add 17.7 Km "green Ribbon" Is Expected To Be Completed By May 20

Changsha Evening News May 16 hearing (reporter correspondent Jin Xiang Chen SEN) on May 11, yunqi road in the West Second Ring Road, Yuelu District landscape Bureau staff in busy tension site integration, fixed line, digging planting hole, planted under the camphor trees. Bicyclic hatchback forest belt construction project was started by the end of April, during the 51, the construction of more than 800 personnel adhere to the line, overtime for construction of the building. Project is expected to be completed by May 20.

Reportedly, near hatchback forest construction is enhance regional green foundation, build ecological circle around the city's major projects, covering Yuelu section (Sanchaji bridge - Yunqi Road) across the board, with a total length of 17.7 km, with a total area of 96000 square meters. Projects around the "integral effect, node Liang" and "harmonious nature, the green quantity increase, the level was" the overall requirements, along with the successive construction belt section 33, camphor, Koelreuteria paniculata, no son and tree planting.

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