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"Green Ribbon" Public Love To Send Test Curtain

According to Bengbu news network news, see today's "Bengbu daily", this year's' green ribbon 'love to send the test has begun, we continue to participate in the love team to participate." Yesterday afternoon, love team captain Song Xinjiang to the Huaihe morning publication reporter called.

It is understood, to "dream volunteer escort to offer the compassion civilization send test" as theme in 2016 "green ribbon" public love to send test events, the curtain has been in the 17th Rila Rev. During this year's college entrance examination, the participation of the Bengbu city of love, will provide free test service for the candidates.

Hang six years of public service concept

Promote social positive energy, enhance the volunteer service society, dedication to the community's awareness, to help the college entrance examination candidates safe, fast, on time to arrive at the examination room, toward a higher goal in life. May 17, reporters learned from the organizers, adhering to the concept of public welfare, 2016 "green ribbon" public love to send test activities set sail again, let the green ribbon is a symbol of love and dedication, for the sixth consecutive year in the streets of Pearl City Flying!

According to the briefing, the love to send test events sponsored by the newspaper media group of Bengbu, City Transportation Bureau, city urban administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, city traffic police detachment, Zhongxu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., named, Huishang Bank branch in Bengbu organized. At the same time, also in the city yunguanchu, Bengbu bus group, Bengbu alliance of public support.

This year love to send test activity time for the college entrance examination period, that is, June 7th, 8, June 14th, 15, 16.

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