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How To Make A Bow With A Ribbon?

Ribbon flowers is very practical, today teach you is stereo ribbon bow flower production method, the decorative flower is widely used can hairpin, hair hoop, clothes, bags of decoration.

The following is a detailed course of the production of three-dimensional butterfly Ribbon Ribbon flowers!

The hair from the middle stereo bow through a stereo Bow Headband beautiful. Of course, can also be a corsage or what the hairpin.

Prepare 30 3 cm long and 3.5 cm wide ribbon, pay attention to too narrow ribbons do not look good, can not be less than 2 cm wide. With a narrow ribbon, the length should be a corresponding short.

A ribbon of positive relative fold, two folding suture, press imprint.

Turn the ribbon back to the front, press the edge and the middle line into a X shape, and then use the bead pin to fix it.

The same method to make one, the two ribbon into a X shape, with the beads fixed.

From the middle of the needlework sewing, and pull tight and then wrapped around a few laps fixed.

Take third ribbon, in the middle of a knot, is common.

Will play a good knot draw tight some, also do not be too tight, there is such an effect.

Put this knot in the middle of the bow, two ends in the back, the two finishing to the following, and cut the triangle.

Three dimensional butterfly knot complete graph.

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