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Ju Ping Sister With A Red Ribbon Into The Campus Of Chongqing University

People's network in Chongqing in May 20 "do you know what is the way of the spread of AIDS? In exchange for AIDS can live how long? And people suffering from AIDS, people?" 19, "red ribbon" Health Ambassador, a famous TV host Ju Ping, into the Chongqing University Huxi campus "red ribbon youth campus activities and Chongqing University the 21st session of the campus debate finals" activities at the scene, and major students face to face interaction and spread AIDS prevention knowledge, and called on everyone to eliminate discrimination against AIDS patients.

Ju Ping sister, the arrival of the students excited, before entering the venue, we have to scan the two-dimensional code at the entrance of the hall, online answer questions about AIDS prevention.

"The one who loves you, is called a red ribbon." Activities in the AIDS public service advertising "forever in together" the song kicked off, Meng Weidong, vice president of Chongqing University: the passionate speech, followed by, jupingjiejie and Fourth Military Medical University; Tangdu Hospital; infectious disease department director Sun Yongtao, Chongqing Municipal Disease Control Center for STD and AIDS, director Wu Guohui together, launched a live interactive, advise students to prevent AIDS, and before the students answer the data analysis. They said that from the data show that the students of Chongqing University, the knowledge of AIDS prevention has a certain understanding.

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