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Linfen: From The "heart" To Bring Love Into The Red Ribbon

"Every time, wandering alone in the strong; every time, even if the injury is not flash tears......" The 26 Disabled Day eve, the city CDPF staff into the city of red ribbon school, launched to "care for orphans and disabled children, let love shines through the earth" as the theme of the activities, to send flour, oil and other daily necessities to the children, will be sent to the warm the hearts of children.

"Now more and more people on AIDS transmission has the certain understanding, these children suffering from AIDS have also been more caring people's attention, although they lost the love of parents, but they are not alone." Red ribbon school office director Qiao Jiping told reporters.

City Vice Chairman of the CDPF Wang Guoqing told reporters introduction said that the conduct of condolence activities mainly in the hope that the community can further caring orphans and disabled children, the real from the "heart" of equal treatment for them, so as to arouse the children self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance spirit, thereby enhancing the children's social participation consciousness and ability of social adaptation.

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