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Summary: Russia "red Ribbon" In Action

Overview of Xinhua news agency, Moscow, May 18 news: Russian "red ribbon" in action Xinhua News Agency reporter Ji Li 5 - 9 Red Square parade was over, the streets of Moscow wear to commemorate the victory in the Great Patriotic War of St. George's Ribbon "began to decrease. But in recent days on campus, students who have a collar or cuff at a red ribbon of red ribbon. May 15th this year is the thirty-third International AIDS candlelight Memorial day. This day began in 1983, each year on the third Sunday in May was designated as the International AIDS candlelight memorial day, to commemorate the people died of AIDS, to promote the elimination of discrimination and prejudice against aids. This year's anniversary, Russia launched a theme for the end of AIDS, social movement. Activities to Moscow State University on May 10, held lectures the containment of AIDS trends "prelude, Moscow State University has also held the" us conquer HIV, "the theme of multimedia propaganda, exercise and health theme Gala," we together "initiative," Night Wolf "motorcycle show and other activities in and open the AIDS testing laboratories. University of International Relations, St Petersburg University, Ural University and other universities around the world have joined the social movement to awaken people, especially young people's attention to the problem of aids. The national social movement will continue until 20. Not only in Colleges and universities, Moscow streets, squares, railway stations and other, everywhere you can see dressed with end of AIDS, "the words of the red T-shirt to passers free distributing brochures and preach AIDS knowledge, tell people how to" AIDS "," AIDS ", such as how to treat AIDS patients. In Kazan, a "fight against AIDS" marathon attracted nearly ten thousand people attended. Russian Tatarstan republic president minnikhanov personally go into battle, called on people to participate in physical exercise, advocate a healthy lifestyle. Russia's "anti AIDS" situation is grim. In recent 10 years, HIV infections to increase at an average annual rate of 10% to 12% of the speed, daily new cases more than 250 people, and groups of infected persons are from young people to young adults at the age of 30 to 40 years old. Russian health minister Silk Wall R Va, 14, said at the opening ceremony of the forum, in 2015 alone, there are more than 10 new cases a year in Russia, more than two thousand people died of aids. From 1987 found that the first case of HIV infection so far, the Russian people have died of AIDS patients with aids. 2016 Russian official registration of the total number of HIV infected women, and the rapid increase in the number of women infected. Russian experts expect that, if the pace of development continues, by 2021, AIDS in Russia may become the whole society epidemic. The Russian government to the whole society to convey the determination of the prevention and control of aids. Russian health minister Silk Wall R Va said the government plans to prevent the spread of AIDS in 2020, to allow treatment to cover 90% of patients. She pointed out that the Russian government issued a free drug treatment can only cover 23% of the current HIV infected persons. 2016, Russia will ensure that 60% of the country's HIV infected persons with free drugs provided by the state, and in the future will gradually increase the proportion to 80%. Silk Wall R Va also said that Russia is developing an AIDS vaccine, there are 3 vaccine samples quite promising. By the Russian social and cultural initiatives fund will organization launched this "the end of AIDS" campaign is launched in Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Mrs. Svetlana medvedeva initiated and get the multiple relevant government departments for their support and the importance of the Russian Orthodox Church. The advocacy of the Russian Orthodox patriarch in his speech, let moral education has become an effective means of the fight against AIDS, called on people to establish family value view, chastity view and couples mutual loyalty concept. But some of the government's actions have also led to criticism. Researchers questioned the director of federal anti AIDS Center Ladd Aa A proposed to the Ministry of health in 2020 target. She believes that Russia to specific targets for 2020 is to make 90% of AIDS patients to understand their HIV test results, so that 90 percent of the AIDS infected persons obtained antiretroviral treatment, so as to effectively prevent the spread of AIDS and diffusion. Russian prevention and the fight against AIDS, director of the center for scientific development, academician Polk Roelfs Ki believes that a large number of capital investment is the premise of all. This is even more so for vaccine development. He believes that the world's research on AIDS vaccine has been carried out for decades, this is a complex, large-scale Pang Daqie very expensive project, said three five years on the market is not realistic.

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