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Tai'an Red Scarf Green Ribbon And A City Walk Civilization

"Schools around the hawker stalls no trace, road at the entrance of the gate of the school is more and more open, pick up the child every day school more orderly..." Afternoon after school time, the children in the area designated the middle school affiliated to Taishan University, said parents. Reporters on the scene saw, after school children can cross the road across the road, or from the sidewalk to the parents of the transfer area, no one is directly across the road violations.

Invasive city during the trial period, the Tai'an city to meet the national health city to meet the review of the national health city involved in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens a total of 301. In order to finish the task better, the City Board of education, put forward the education system a city audit work in the "123456" overall development strategy, a city closely around the central task of audit, set up two teams, clear three key tasks of atmosphere, the environment, health education, the establishment of city and district division (town, school level Four) leadership, take full action, hand action, joint action, action, leading the crucial action of five measures, pay attention to the audit work in a city and three strict three special education activities, standardized school, an engineering school, moral education, students' comprehensive quality evaluation, run six of the people satisfied with the education. For every schools, kindergartens and other Ying inspection unit, a comprehensive inspection implementation, the establishment of "one school books, a responsibility, a one full responsibility" system. According to statistics, a city during the period, is to find the problem 33140 items, total investment 5424.7 million yuan, purchase 1383 sets of sanitary equipment, repair a road 23.5 million m2, whitewashed walls 63.2 million m2, the construction of bait station 2458, making billboards and promotional layout 2511, newly refurbished pond 904, clean up the garden 13847m2, demolition chaotic ride unauthorized construction of 227, adding standard trash litterbin 1687, cleaning the school surrounding stalls 581. 9475 tons of garbage removal.

The family is the cell of the city, and the students are the future of the city. To let a city deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, City Bureau of education with education system and the characteristics of their own advantage and start "red scarf - green ribbon 100000 students hand millions of citizens of a city action, through hand pull the hands, small home and even everyone's mode, guide the students and parents to use double JCP with walk on streets, communities and pick up pick white trash, cleaning the public health, to students influence the behavior of parents, school education extends to the family, community.

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